The Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits


Ahead, we tell you more about these significant Turkish Delight ingredients

Dry fruits and nuts as we know are popular worldwide owing to their high nutritious and antioxidant properties that help maintain a healthy body and mind. Due to this, they’ve also been given the term ‘Superfoods’. This is because, consuming dry fruits even in small amounts give you all the necessary nutrients required in your diet as compared to other simpler foods. They may be small in amount, but they are packed with abundant essential minerals, proteins, vitamins, and fibre.
Along with nutritional benefits, they are also known to favourable to fight against a number of ailments, deficiencies and certain other health issues. Due to the presence of antioxidants, dry fruits are known to sharpen one’s intellect while also being capable of naturally slowing down the ageing process. Of the many dry fruits that are available in nature, we have listed below the benefits of the prominent ones that are carefully chosen to produce our delectable Turkish Delight sweets.



Almonds are known to help aid digestion, protect you from heart disease, promote healthy cells, add shine to your hair and skin, lower cholesterol, blood pressure while also lowering your risk of diabetes. They are also known to put a stop to those endless cravings. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals like phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E to name a few. If you’re an almond lover, we recommend our delicious ‘Green Almond Energy’ and ‘Almond Flaked Pista’ Turkysh Delites that you will truly enjoy.



Known to be one of the world’s oldest nuts which date back to almost ten thousand years ago, pistachios – a prized food source, are loved by many. They are popular for their versatility as it can be used for cooking and baking in a majority of savouries and confection alike. They are known to be rich in protein, fibre and contain a healthy ratio of good fats. With the presence of vitamin B6, they are known to build cardiovascular health. Unlike other nuts, pistachios have lower calories. They help develop gut health as well as eye health. To get your source of pistachio goodness, we recommend trying out our ‘Double Roasted Pista Raisin’ and the ‘Coco Cocoa Pista’ delites.


Hazelnuts have gained prominence in the recent past due to their unique taste that pairs well with almost every kind of confection. They are seen in a wide variety of chocolates, truffles, Turkish Delights, cakes, granola bars and more. Hazelnuts are known to have positive effects on hair and skin health. They help with hydration, adding shine, delayed ageing, and protection against harmful UV rays. They also help strengthen the heart, bones, joints, muscles and immunity while also preventing the risk of cancer. To benefit from this powerful ingredient, we recommend two of our best-selling hazelnut delites – The ‘Narnia Hazelnut Delight’ and the ‘Blue Hazelnut Love’.

Cashew Nuts

Loved by many people due to its flavour, cashew nuts make for a tasty snack. It helps aid with heart diseases, blood diseases such as anaemia, skin, hair, and eye health, prevents stones in the gallbladder, strengthens bones due to Vitamin K, promotes healthy brain activity among other benefits. It is loaded with minerals, vitamins and good fatty acids that are necessary for overall well-being. To enjoy the nutrients of this incredible food source, we recommend two of our delicious Turkysh Delites – The ‘Dry Fruit Blast’ and the ‘Assorted Cube Delights’.


Walnuts have a rich amount of antioxidant properties and are loaded with a maximum number of vitamins and minerals. They help prevent prostate and breast cancer while also helping build a healthier heart. Due to a large amount of good fatty acids present in walnuts, it is known to aid memory and overall brain health which also prevents depression. It also helps promote healthy hair and skin. Due to the high amount of B vitamins, walnuts are known to be a great food source that provides an instant energy boost. Our popular collection of Turkysh Delites namely the ‘Ultimate Dry Fruit’ and the ‘Assorted Rolls’ are perfect if you like walnuts.


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